Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shogun, Sunway Pyramid.

Shogun Restaurant serves Japanese Buffet. 
There were a few spreads of food.
I would give 3.5/5 stars coz I have tasted something better in some other Japanese buffet.
But yeah, a beggar can't be choosy aites? Hahaha...
It was my uncle who treated me Shogun but I think all of us (the family) agreed that the food there were just mediocre.  
Price : Rm 50 -60 ++  per person. 

 The terayaki that is made to order. 

The only thing to die for is their takoyaki! #drooling. 

They have a few selection of sushis.

Green Tea and Honeydew Ice-cream with red beans. 

3 rambles:


Been here a couple of times, its always very crowded and noisy with people.


Green tea ice cream!!! I like! :)

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