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Sunday, 26 October 2008



please pray for my ya!

EXAM is just around the corner!

no more post for a while !

coming back after 10 Nov.[.hopefully i can refrain myself from the net]*ahaks*


Friday, 17 October 2008


*****Al-Fatihah for Fie's father.
a man,a husband

Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani
Segala puji bagiMu ya Allah yang memberikan rahmah dan kasih sayang
Selawat dan salam ke atas nabi junjungan Muhammad SAW,sahabat dan keluarga baginda

Ya Allah,
Hidupkanlah kami dengan imaan
Dan matikanlah kami dengan imaan
Gerakkanlah kami di padang mahsyar dengan imaan
Masukkanlah kami ke syurgaMu dengan imaan
Masukkanlah kami ke dalam syurgaMu kerana limpah rahmat kasih- sayangMu ya Rahman,kerana takkan mampu kami menebus syurgaMu hanya dengan amalan kami ya Allah.

Ya Allah,
Tetapkanlah kami beserta imaan
Dan keluarkanlah kami dari dunia bersama imaan
Tundukkan penggoda kepada kami[dari golongan jin] kepada imaan

Ya Allah,
Hindarkan kami dari bala dunia dan azab akhirat
Hindarkan kami dari azab sakaratulmaut,azab kubur,azab mahsyar dan azab Jahannam,ya Rahim
Semoga Kau mengampuni dosa kami dan dosa mereka
Moga kami tidak termasuk ke dalam golongan mereka yang diazab
Mohon ya Allah agar kami menjadi golongan yang mengingati mati
Mohon ya Allah agar hati-hati kami tidak diikat oleh leka dunia
Mohon ya Allah,kami termasuk di dalam golongan yang sentiasa mengambil pengajaran dari setiap kejadian ajal yang tiba

Ya Allah,
Dengan limpah rahmatMu
Pelihara saudara kami ya Allah yang telah Kau jemput menemuiMu
Lindungi dia dengan kasih sayangMu,ya Rahman
Ampuni kesalahannya ya Ghaffar
Terangi kuburnya dengan nurMu,ya Salaam
Lapangkan kuburnya dengan kasihMu,ya 'Aziz
Permudahkan urusannya ketika hisab di Mahsyar nanti,ya Halim
Mohon kami bertemu semula di syurgaMu dengan izinMu,ya Allah
Dengan rahmatMu ya Allah Tuhan kami yang Maha Pengasih.


*to dear fie, he had his fair share of living, Allah S.W.T love him more*

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


to all my friends, family members, and to all that know me.
i want to ask for help =)
please hide my pic, real name or what so ever thing that related to me on the net
p/s: its not about ISA [ahaks*related kah ?*] it just i'm starting a career[ahah*toin2*]
btw....for you guys out there....i have a new blog coming on friendsterster[will put the link on this blog later.....on top of that, then same blog will be on blogspot too[=)*same content*]
please ya!
lotsa love

Monday, 13 October 2008

i did a crazy thing!*twink2*

i went to a barber for a haircut..

at rational thinking, i was supposed to get a normal hair cut


my irrational mind ask me to go bald!

and yes....i did it!

hehehehehe......i was laughing all the way when the barber trimmed off my hair!

right now, i feel lighter!(i meant my head not body*still big*)

can wait to see my colleague reaction on my new look.

they going to die laughing!

btw, the haircut only cost me £ 1.10(sounds cheaper if said in pound*hikhik*)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

its 4 p.m........a sleepy day!

even the kitten is sleeping!
look how cute this small creature is!

thanx to A***h for lending me your pink camera!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

dedicated specially to 'F'

although we are not very close,
i still remember all the memories when we hang out together,
we share stories and some secrets too
was so happy because i got to talked personally with someone that is so open
i can easily conclude you as a strong,happy go lucky and super positive lady!
it seems that you have change......i don't blame you
i know it is HARD for you to go trough all this
i know that you can manage it!
i know you are strong!

i'm happy

I'm happy to be back in S*** *l**,


i'm happy everyone back in one piece..

just wanna say that i'm glad that i have all of you by my side!

thank you peeps!

you guys always make my day merrier!



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