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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

im touched.....huhuhu[BTN review]

Efy wrote:

4th day..last day..

A lil sad..huhuhu..but the activtity i’ve been waiting for!!!! I love ‘’kembara’’..i just feel really proud to haris coz he can do it..n dun wanna stop..he didn’t give up at all eventhough itz quite hard…my team??keep waiting for him whatever it is..
Lastly but will be continue… photography session of coz..

~dear efy,thank you!! It is the nicest things people ever write about me.......

~A BIG hung from teddy for you(heart you and all MALAYSIANIZER comrades)

~A bunch of thank you to all my teammates for helping and waiting patiently for me during the jungle~wingle~tracking

Monday, 29 December 2008


i have a very bad mixed feeling!i don't know why???

Saturday, 27 December 2008


~flowers for Algernon is awesome!
~Can't wait to read A Doll House

Saturday, 20 December 2008

my result.......i'm a bit down

i got a CGPA 3.2 for my first semester....

i'm sad but some people said i did okay.....i don't know...urm....

the utmost important thing is to work harder next semester.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

i tried........

i went for the One In A million audition

this is what i get after a 7 hours of queuing up

What a tiring process! I almost give up but at the end although i did not give up,i didn't get the chance to go for the audition as god had faithed for me that my train was at 8.00pm that night.

But i had the best 7 hours of my life:

Hearing to people with and without talent singing at your side sure send chilled to your nerves.

i make friend with some of the people there~heart you guys!
Zeni and her lil' brother,Saban and his friend,and hazry

seeing some hopeful talent!~some are really WOW!!

Foremost, A bunch of thank you to Farah for her company~heart you too!

I'll try again next time.hehehe

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

This is what hapeen to me it people!

This is what happen to me today as I bystander an episode of abhorrence towards other nationalities and ethnicity.

There is this guy on the bus trying to impress others of its own ethnicity (I guess so from what he uttered out proudly). He reacted to the bus driver orders when the bus driver asked those who were standing on the bus to move backward as other passenger on the ground would like to board the bus. I have to admit that the 'other nationalities' do said something bad on the reply back to the order by the bus driver but it was one off and nothing was said. But this guy was treating the ‘other nationalities’ by saying:

Translated into English:

“Go to die lah you! You think we Malaysian are stupid! Because of you (he specific on one ethnic actually but can’t state it here) there is no job left for us. You want to die on this bus ah, I’m ready to stab you with knife and burn you to death! P*G,Bl**dy hell. You wait and see, said one more word I kill you stupid!”

It sounds something like that; the deal is why must you vomit out your anger? We don’t care, most of us in that bus, I believed is annoyed with your commotion. Let me tell you something, they are human too. The creature same like you created by God.

Read this:

Everyone will die,
The earth will blow up one day,
There will be the end to everything that already started million years ago.
We are living thing of the same organism (Darwinism is not accepted).
The day the world end is nearer every second of the day, so appreciate life better then before. It is just a simple matter, so don’t be so finicky on the tiny bits of bitterness

This is how I summarize it:

Anger should be hold,
But Happiness and freedom should be freely express.
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