Tuesday, 31 May 2011

In between dilemmas. a case of unsolved.

the thoughts that runs through my mind are different.
as the train pulls backward to the rail heading north, my mind swirls south.
it feels like the soul I have been carrying all along decides to drop off, without me.
it is my body who is traveling home,alone, cold and pale.
as the body traveled apart from its soul, slowly it dies.. into a deep sleep. 
the soul in the mean while, was having the jolliest time ever in its life.
as its hands touch the clouds, his hollow heart glows with the pinkest warm ever.
the world it sees is way different from its previous life.
a new adventure has began.... 
but up above, the Creator faces a dilemma. 

God is in dilemma, in between. 
He have seen how miserable world has treated the body yet He knows the time is yet to come, the journey is long from the ending. Meanwhile, when He sees the soul, He couldn't help but to feel happy for it has found the ultimate freedom it has sought for a long long time. For once, God has to put a rest to this case, He needs more time for His judgement. He stamped the file "In Between Dilemmas. A Case of Unsolved."

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