Friday, 16 December 2011

Never gonna look down on salesman anymore...

The probability of the need of living, by any chance, opportunity is never wasted. Be it at 5 am in the morning while working your 3rd shift of the day, you keep pushing. By any chance luck is by your side, you sell and make living. 

The world is shifting forward on the slate of the uneven, unbalance life. The constant push by the real-living-making salesperson, it not by how he persuades you but the stories he/she shares. 

The time plays crucial identity, the key to the real sincerity of making a living to continue life. 

We often tend to ignore, get easily irritated by these salesperson who tries to sell you stuff, some stuffs are even not worth buying. 

But if you allow your senses to open up a lil bit, you will see the whole picture, the story behinds every salespersons. The need to live makes every opportunity a pot of gold. In the valley of competitive survival, man will do anything possibly to ensure he/she lives another hour another day. 

We might get upset by their constant pressure, annoyance and disturbance but if we pause the moment for a few seconds and look beyond it; It makes a whole lot of difference.

p/s: Everyone has a story, to be told and shared. Listen for you'll be amazed how little you know....

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