Friday, 6 April 2012

Warehouzs at MyEG Make The Pitch Season 2 Audition.

Hello3, before I go any further with apa yang jadi pada 26 March 2012 yang lepas, ada baiknya aku introduce what is Warehouzs. So, you can read down there. and I founded this company back in October 2011. 

Alhamdullilah, we were shortlisted Audition at Sri Pentas the other day. Just betul2 cukup masa lepas aku balik ber-backpacking sebulan tu..fuhhh...

          Warehouzs Logo is a student’s storage service based company.
We provide storage service for students every semester break across Klang valley and planning to expand service to the whole nation. We offer solutions to both students and education institutions. 
Warehouzs is the 1st company in Malaysia to offer a storage service for students to keep their belongings every semester break. It’s founded by students for students. Everything is going to be done virtually! It’s very easy, registration and payment are to be made online, boxes are then delivered to students, it will be picked up and we will keep it for you.
No worries, belongings will be covered under insurance and our place is under 24 hour’s surveillance. 

Warehouzs is founded when the trouble arises during every semester break. 
With little allocation of storage given by the college, students have trouble bringing back their stuffs home. 
Its journey started off when the Founder and Co-founder were invited to attend the premier conference “Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia”. The company became a reality after the conference.

First thing first, I would like to ask some help from you guys to "LIKE" our video on youtube. It will be considered to determine the Top 30 placement! Vote and LIKE for us lovelies! 

Selain vote dekat video tu, ni lagi penting, vote at MyEG website! 

This just came in from the producer of the show :
Hi everyone, can you pls help me to rate Likeability Rating on our biz venture at MYEG Make The Pitch. 
Step 1 - Go to URL
Step 2 - Sign up or Login with Facebook Account 
Step 3 - Go to our Biz Venture Page
Finally give me a rate on my Biz Venture Likeability Rating!

Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you for voting! :D

So, back to the story on that day. Well, we were there since early morning kot. Kitaorang number 17 and was called in at about 5pm. Cuak? Yeah, I was very very very nervous! I gave all that I had. The judges were kinda harsh on me but I bet they just want to know how far I would "DO IT" for my idea. So, enjoy lah gambar2 dari happy-to-soggy and my 5 second of fame! :D

Ni happy lagi baru sampai..pagi2..

My co-founder!!! Kak ruby!

5 second fame aku...tah apa tah aku jawap...merepek jer lebih..haha

Ni sebelum masuk judging room, diorang interview dulu.

Saat2 akhir sebelum di panggil masuk. Muka cuak ko! haha

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