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Friday, 30 March 2012

My failure bought me a ticket around the world!

Shadow of life.

Aku officially college dropout, kena buang sebab failed 1 paper. Instead sending me down the drain, sobbing and howling in despair; it got me around the world. Yeah, a ticket to see the world! glad that I actually failed because there's a rainbow after the heavy rain. 

Maybe tak ramai yang tak tahu that I fleed the country just before and after the news that I was officially sacked. Some people might say, bazir duit! But I see it as investment to my life, life is too short to worry! I used all my savings I had, every single dime I had was put out for my 1 month of fantastic journey! 

Koh Phi Phi, Island of Emerald water.

Banyak benda that I learned traveling and seeing the world. Things that you'll never get in class. Things that are not in the book. They never teach you life skill, all they do is teach you knowledge. 

Memang hidup ni susah, tu aku pon takkan tipu. Ada masa yang kau akan jatuh teruk, rasa nak bangun tu takkan akan mampu, but believe me, kau sebenarnya dilahirkan mampu untuk tempuhi apapun dugaan Tuhan berikan. Itu yang aku tahu after coming back!

So, kawan2!

The world is waiting for you.

Jangan putus asa. bak kata Josh Gorban "Don't give up, It's just the weight of the world" . Semua benda ni bagi aku adalah ujian untuk uji kau, sama ada kau mampu bertahan atau tidak. 

If He brings you into it, He will certainly bring you through it. Have faith in God, have faith in yourself, have faith in Life. 

Kau dan aku dah sememangnya fated to be tested. Memang kekadang tu teramat lah berat, air mata tu berbaldi2 mengalir, cokelat cadbury habis sepuluh papan kau telan. Aku pernah berada kat tempat kau dan akan sentiasa ada. Percayalah, siapa tahu, Tuhan dah sediakan kau kebahagian in future. 

20 hours train ride without aircond, halal food. Priceless!

Aku tahu this is not the end of my journey. Hidup aku jauh lagi. Doesn't mean ko takda degree, you are screwed. Silap tu...

Harris-san and Taka-san!

Believe me, you'll find something greater in life. The magic that unfolds in front of you as you set yourself free. The world has a lot more to offer than job security, education, money or anything. Go out and see the world, let it capture you in its beauty. You'll be surprised...

p/s: Maybe ada benda yang aku repeat balik dalam post ni, but seriously worth mentioning again and again..

18 rambles:

  1. 30 March 2012 22:28

    serius ? syg nya... study kt mna ? so what next ?

  2. 30 March 2012 22:31

    Yeah, ipg... but am glad am out sekarang nak focus on my company... :)

  3. 30 March 2012 22:35

    Rayyaaaaaan, pictur chantek lerrr,.. :))

  4. 30 March 2012 22:40

    Kak yana: mekasihhhhhhhhhhhh...tungguuu

  5. 30 March 2012 22:44

    dimana ade kemahuan disitu ade jalan,u'll be ok,insyaALLAH...all the best.

  6. 30 March 2012 22:47

    Mummy nina: thank you! :D

  7. Anonymous30 March 2012 22:50

    i wish i can be like you, experiencing world in ur own view. well, keep up! i know kita semua are destinied to achieve something. apparently, i am tied to many things sampai i dont even have time for myself. lucky you :)

  8. 30 March 2012 22:51

    Ok,.. akan ku tunggu,

  9. 30 March 2012 23:01

    Anon: of coz u can! I pray that one day u'll have that chance! :D

    kak yana: hehehe

  10. Anonymous1 April 2012 02:07

    untunglah boleh travel..tgk laut ciptaan tuhan.. i love too tp xberpeluang nk g jauh2.. takat pulau dlm malaysia boleh la tu pun xtercapai lg luar semenangjung.. sob3..

    erm,,for me.. to get travel like u.. really need money.. mmm.. nk ada money kena ada kerja..orng xkn ambl kt bekerja kalu kt lack of education..mean xde dip,xde degree..klu kt nk buka bisness sndri pun perlukn pelaburan.. so nak xnak kena juga bljr tinggi.. kalau x mcmna nk travel around the world.. kalau x mcmna nk tau budaya orng..

    u got a choice n leave the choice sbb u ada peluang lain n u still can enjoy ur life without ur choice.. tp xsemua orng boleh follow.. n kerisauan tu ttp akn menghantui..hantuuii..

  11. 1 April 2012 02:46

    Anon: hahaha...yeah, I made my choice..and am glad...

  12. 11 April 2012 09:50

    Hi Rayyan..
    believe me, semua ujian yang awak sedang lalui sekarang sebagai tanda Dia tak penah lupakan/pinggirkan awak..

    Saya juga, banyak yang saya korbankan hanya untuk laksanakan mimpi2 saya untuk melihat dunia.dengan apa yang saya perolehi - pengalaman pahit manis dan sebagainya saya rasa sgt berbaloi dengan apa yang saya korbankan saat ini.Jadinya, jangan sesekali berhenti melangkah, berkelanalah melihat keindahan dunia ini :)

  13. 11 April 2012 16:20

    Zilla: Betul..He is showing me something... I'll...skrang ni pon rasa pelik tak berjalan ber km2..haha...asyik kat rumah jer.,

  14. 17 April 2012 01:15

    Baaaaaaaaaaang~ sama kite tak ada degree, we find "school" in the world, and we "study" from traveling. yeah !!

  15. 18 April 2012 05:03

    @whatever I'm backpacker:

    true to that! salam kenal juga!:D

  16. 8 May 2012 01:05

    Hi there! First time bumped into ur blog. I love ur point where " life is too short to worry!" And I strongly agree with that. Currently I am a part time travel blogger where has travelled to 25 countries within these 6 years. Learn to explore and enjoy my travelling while still young, wild and free. Feel free to visit my travel & living blog. Have a Good day.

    1. 8 May 2012 01:11

      Hey Diana!

      Ive been reading your blog for a while now...haha.. True, life is too short to worry and am sure God want us to see the world! I wish to continue my journey soon! Cant wait to set myself free and get lost in a country!haha... u too! have a good day dear! :D

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