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Saturday, 23 June 2012 Launching at Neverland Club, KL.

Well, last night I was invite to 's grand launching at NeverLand Club, KL. is an online restaurant and food reviews website. 

"Search, Fave and Experience the best dining in all of Malaysia with, Malaysia's Best Food Directory showcasing the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

Explore our various useful features such as Inspiration Search (when you absolutely need , or you're looking for the best ), and Occasion Search (try or even )." 

This is Ivevei Upatkoon, the lady who started with her brother as well as  another friend. They are so young! Am so inspired by their entrepreneurship spirit! Support local Start- ups!

There were a few vendors at the launching; from pastries to ice-cream. Seriously semalam dah macam "food orgy". Haha...  Instead of eating, I rasa2 jer.. tak mampu kot nak makan all the food. Even that pon, nibbling dah kenyang giler!

Mr Siew Bao !

Out of all vendors, the food yang managed to capture my attention is ! All my life, mati2 ingat Mr Siew Bao ni non-halal. Boyyyy...weren't I glad to see the halal sign!? I was smiling all over when I knew I can taste their products!

My friends and I tried almost everything on the tray. From Original Siew Bao to the Pineapple Tart! Just some photos to show how crazy we were over their pastries! Honestly, one of the best I've tried in my lifetime. 

But their best product of the night would be their Portuguese Egg Tart. Dah lah aku ambik satu jer and then the girls like it and EAT IT ALL! When I went back to the counter, they already ran out of their Famous Portuguese Egg Tart. =.="  

Their Portuguese Egg Tart is silky, smooth, very creamy and just complements their pastry. It is just out of this world! (terliur pulak aku time aku tulis ni! cheett!! )

Besides their fresh daily made pastries, My Siew Bao also have products such as biscuits, nougats and various more. I brought home one piece of their nougat and gave it to my sister, she loves it so much that she asked for me. Oi adik, mana mau dapat lagi lah! =.=" 

If you want to try their Siew Bao, bolehlah korang gi kat Sunway Pyramid. They have an outlet there just besides the Maxis centre. And now worries my fellow Muslim readers, disah kan Halal. So jom O nom nom !


Another thing that aku managed try is ! They were offering cupcakes, macaron! and their speciality; The Wrap! It uber delicious and you can get hold of the OSOME Macaron kat Wangsa Walk! Korang patut cuba! :D

You can try all the food and find more information about them on ! Jom o nom noms at Mr Siew Bao and WrapStarzz! :D

Thank you RapidKL Personnel.

Please share this so people can know his kindness.

Alhamdullilah! I'm Alive!

Yesterday, at approx 10pm, I was on my way to Pasar Seni from KLCC to head home after attending event. After leaving the event, I already felt something was not right but as usual I tend to just ignore it. 

In the train, my friends realized that I was getting pale and by that time I was out of control of my breathing; I was having a severe Shortness of Breath (SOB). 

We made a stop at Kampung Baru station as I remembered a nearby hospital.  As I was rushed to the counter area, my friends tried to get help for me , finding cab or whatever to get me there pronto. 

As it was very late, finding a cab was rather impossible. Out of the blue, one RapidKL personnel (a police) took his bike key and asked me to hop on his bike. He drove me as fast and safely possible to get me to the nearby hospital. 

Since I was rather very very panic because I couldn't feel whether I was breathing or not. I left everything with my friends including my mobile phone. I asked them to call anyone possible. 

This RapidKL personnel not only waited for me, consistently checking on me while I was in the Emergency, he even when back to the LRT station to take my bag (full of gadgets from work!) and also my phone. 

He was supposed to start working that time but he waited with me through my ordeals, called my family and consoling me. When his phone ran out of credit, he even went to top  -up so that he could contact my family and friends! 

If it's not because of this man, I would have died at the LRT station. And because of him also, my family was informed. He is indeed a hero. I would like to give my hearties thank you and appreciation for helping me through my ordeal. 

This man is Mohd Taufik Bin Ali Ramdan, Konst PB 68725 from Syarikat Prasarana (LRT RapidKL) who was stationed at LRT Kampung Baru on 22nd June 2012.  Thank you. :) 
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