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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Life a never ending fight.

Every morning as the clouds make way for the sun,
As the morning takes its turn from the night,
The earth shades it shine to this part of earth,
The fight for life begins yet again for another day.

It's now 8 am,
The traffic is nonetheless equally jam,
pack to the brim,
As if the fight for life
centred in the middle of the city,
The fight now roses up one step higher.

By lunch,
Time for food vendors to make living,
Some starved to make ends meet,
Some spent like no tomorrow,
Some eat quietly in the pantry,
Too shy to be known for bringing ration,
Some pretending to be busy,
for the wallet is empty,
Yet again, the fight for life goes another ladder up. 

It's now 5pm,
For the car owners,
Missed the 4pm clock,
You are now stuck in the traffic lock,
Cursing as if it's a shock,
For the bus takers,
The waiting is endless,
And now the fight for life is another level up.

For mothers and children
and some fortunate people,
10pm is bedtime,
Whereas for the one who sat in traffic,
waited on the bus no near to rapid,
10pm is dinner,
10pm to say love to family,
10pm to make love to love ones,
10pm to connect back to life. 

It's now midnight,
the moon blooms brightly,
the bed is calling,
the pillow is waiting,
As they put their head down,
Their mind ponders a little,
"I have won the fight yet another day",
And the circle of life begins,
if and only if,
I make it alive tomorrow
For Life a never ending fight. 

p/s: It rain and rain and rain and rain. I had to take a refer paper today and if I fail this one again, my life circle is still up nonetheless but my degree life will be frantically OVER. And I have to face the consequences, and by that, a bad one. Well,let it comes by, we just have to face it and make it to the end eh? :) 

Monday, 2 January 2012

Amalina Che Bakri?

Amalina definitely was an Idol back in her years. Sebab apa? Go figure. Dude, she scored 17As, that is equivalent  to 22As this era. 

So, apa yang kecoh2 aku dengar kat twitter sampain trending nama minah tu?  Dulu kecoh kata dia fail lah, kena buang university lah, kena balik malaysia lah. Bila lah kita nak stop all these harassment. And we are not even sure that is Amalina in those photos. 

Agreed that as a Muslim women, she should cover her aurat and present herself well. But she is an adult and she should be the one deciding her life. And please don't tell me that she is the only one facing this culture shock thingy. Please, I have friends in MALAYSIA facing culture  shock coming to Kuala Lumpur.

Memang sedap nak mengata orang, maki orang, label orang and maki2 tapi pernah tengok diri sendiri tak? I mean, c'mon, you are not even at the par the moral standard.Aku respect siapa yang nak nasihat, like, ikhlas nasihat.  Tapi apa yang tengah trending dekat twitter is far from nasihat, it's more to "I'm gonna thrash that bitch coz then I look holier" . Damn people! 

Tanpa korang sedari, tah2 Amalina tengah stress giler2 sebab korang pressure dia macam ni. Korang label dia mcm2. Korang maki hamun dia, korang keji. It's already tough living in overseas, it gets tougher when your own Malaysian thrashing you. 

I'm not here to defend Amalina. But I'm just here to share that it's already bad she is doing whatever she did in those photos (if that is her), it's even worst when you start to humiliate her further. C'mon Malaysians, PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKE. Take a bite and move on. 

Just my 2cent.

Segmen YY | Mengapa saya Berblogging


Today, Kak Yana told me that she wants me to join her segment : Segmen YY | Mengapa saya Berblogging . So, yeah, why not? Kebetulan, aku pon takda kerja harini, yay, article dah hantar. So, nak join jugak pon boleh, just click the banner. 

So, kenapa eh ber-blogging? I started back in 2008, time tu aku baru habis spm, tunggu result, and tengah kerja. So, it was like 4 years ago, so my memory is not that sharp to recall every single details., 

Tahlah, the only thing I remember is that, I was bored while working as an Adventure crew that I borrowed my friend's laptop and registered. Actually kalau korang rajin, boleh selak my previous postings, I thrashed out my anger towards the Americans who invaded Iraq that time. 

Frustrated much, yeah, but mostly annoyed by the ruthless invasion. So, aku rasa, the best reason why I started my blog was that aku nak suara aku didengari.

I want the world to know how painful it was to witness all the sufferings by those people in Iraq. Ater 4 years, still, nothing much change in Iraq. Keadaan still sama, the war is still on. 

Fast forward 4 years, here I am, writing for pleasure, still trying to get my voice out but most importantly now is that blogging is a new way to make great friends. Nak kata niat ber-blogging tu dah berubah 100% tak lah but in term of how and why I write probably ada perubahan. 

So, what was it that I crap just now? Oh yeah, that's basically the story behind how I started thebigsmallboy. So, what was the reason that made you guys start a blog? C'mon, meh share, aku pon nak tau. Mana tau, nanti aku boleh tulis script based on cerita korang. ;)

Sunday, 1 January 2012


2012 datang dengan tangisan kerana disambut berseorangan sambil menyiapkan article yang diorder. Padan muka pada diri sendiri kerana procrastinate tak ingat dunia. Well I'm a bad boy! Apapun, happy new year peeps! 

2011 merupakan tahun yang agak pelik bagi aku. Masuk 1st year degree padahal kawan2 dah 3rd year, yeah, thanks MOE! Tahun yang agak adventurous kerana berjaya ber-backpack seorang diri dalam Malaysia.  Aku juga berjaya mengekalkan my "virginity" of being single! Talks about being single, no, takda azam nak ber-couple in 2012. Na, I have better things to "couple" with in 2012. 

Azam tahun baru? 

Backpack and Travel.

Banyak actually, macam , aku pun nak mulakan backpack solo aku ke luar negara. Disebabkan aku ni masih lagi undergrad, so my backpack scope is somehow limited in Asia only. Antara negara yang bakal dijejaki:
  1. Indonesia 
  2. Thailand-Cambodia (Overland)
  3. India
  4. Philippines 

Actually, I have a lot of backpacking stories that I kept to my own. I do feel like sharing but I've been putting it aside and now it's already 2012. Tu la, dah malas, what to do. Anyhow, yeah, 2012 nak travel banyak2, nak tengok tempat orang, nak cari erti hidup, nak cari jalan pulang. Dah rindu nak masuk lorong2 jalan yang pelik, hop on the bus and realize that you are on the wrong bus, nak makan local food sampai toilet tu jadi bestfriend sebab kena food poisoning. So,yeah, 2012 is the year for thebigsmallboy to travel. 

Chapel bus stop. Kelantan. 2011

Gym.Losing Weight. Buff up.

Actually lama dah nak lose weight, been trying a lot of things to lose weight tapi FAIL. So , 2012 ni dah tanam azam kaw2 tu really lose weight and buff up. I actually joined  back in 2011, all thanks to my best friend sebab dia belikan the 1st deal coupon for the 1st month. I ended up joining for 3 months, tapi tu lah, time constraint, study, and my wreck financial problem, I had to put it on hold. This time around, I want to lose weight seriously. I'm 22 and I want to have at least another 50 years in my life. Selain tu, I actually nak nampak a lil bit better. Hello, aku pon nak nampak hot, boleh? hahaha....


Mungkin tak ramai yang tahu that aku ada bukak company called . Basically warehouzs adalah servis simpanan barang-barang pelajar semasa cuti semester. We actually faced a lot of problems and I really hope that 2012 fairs us better. Sayang lah kalau company ni terkubur sebelum dilahirkan. So, aku harap sangat 2012 adalah lebih baik untuk 

              Warehouzs Logo is a student’s storage service based company.
We provide storage service for students every semester break across Klang valley and planning to expand service to the whole nation. We offer solutions to both students and education institutions. 
Warehouzs is the 1st company in Malaysia to offer a storage service for students to keep their belongings every semester break. It’s founded by students for students. Everything is going to be done virtually! It’s very easy, registration and payment are to be made online, boxes are then delivered to students, it will be picked up and we will keep it for you.
No worries, belongings will be covered under insurance and our place is under 24 hour’s surveillance. 
Warehouzs is founded when the trouble arises during every semester break. 
With little allocation of storage given by the college, students have trouble bringing back their stuffs home. 
Its journey started off when the Founder and Co-founder were invited to attend the premier conference “Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia”. The company became a reality after the conference.

So, these are some of my new year resolution. Aku pon tak pasti samada I'm gonna achieve all that I wanted but who knows aites? Harap2 2012 is not gonna be another bitchy year for me. Hope you guys have a great year ahead. So, apa azam tahun baru anda?  
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