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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Singapore Travel Tips and Expenses!

So, Singapore backpacking stories is over.Fuhh...finally after so long. Haha.. you guys can check out all the posts at the sidebar. Ramai yang tanya how much I spent while I was in Singapore. Here are the break down of the expenses:

KTMB Train lower berth (Return): RM 92 (RM 46/per way)
Singapore Tourist Pass: SGD 16 (SGD 8/per day) + SGD 10( refundable deposit)
The Inn-Crowd Hostel: SGD 20 + SGD 6 (time extension)
National Museum of Singapore ticket: SGD 5 (Student price)
Singapore Science Centre and Snow City : SGD 16
ABC Bargain Centre shopping: SGD 17
Food and Drinks: SGD 19.70
Souvenirs and Postcards: SGD 4
Miscellaneous spending: SGD 9.80

Currency exchange the time I was there: RM 2.41 = SGD 1

Total spending: RM 92 + SGD 113.5 (RM 273.50) = RM 365.50 

Singapore Travel Tips.

1. Do take the if you are thinking of getting around easily with their MRT and buses. It cuts traveling time around the island plus everywhere is reachable by their public transport. It cost SGD 8 per day and you'll have to pay a deposit of SGD 10, it will be returned to you once you give back the card. 


2) If you are thinking of getting back home from Singapore, do buy your return ticket from Malaysia as all the tickets bought in Singapore will be in SGD. For example, return ticket from Woodlands Train Station to KL Sentral Kuala Lumpur is RM 46 but if you purchase it in Singapore, it'll be SGD 46 (that's a freaking RM110.90!). Same goes with the bus. ;)

3) There are a lot of cheap and comfortable hostel around Singapore, especially in Little India, Clark Quay, Chinatown and etc. Price starts from SGD 20 to SGD 40, anything more than that is steep! Do pick hostel near to MRT, have good reviews on HostelBookers or HostelWorld, and to save more money, the one that provides breakfast. I had a pleasant stay at The Inn-Crowd, Little India. 

4) If you are a student, do use your student card as they offer great discount for students! I paid half price for the attractions. So, remember bring your student card when traveling! 

5) Souvenirs are cheap in Chinatown, you can get postcard for SGD 0. 50, fridge magnet for SGD 2. It was expensive in Bugis Street, so be a wise buyer! ;)

6) If you intend to go up the 57th Floor of Marina Bay Sands, keep your SGD 20, just go up to the Sky Bar and pretend like you are buying drinks and snap away photos! I did that, and voila, wonderful time up there! :D

7) Halal food in Singapore? No worries, there's plenty of vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, so you'l survive! Food can range from SGD 3 and above. I heard that most of major fast foods outlet are halal in Singapore. I missed it! dang!

So, go travel to Singapore! It's a beautiful country! I'm sure if I can do it solo, you can do it too! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

My 7 Super Shots!

‘I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots‘ 

Well, taking photos is definitely a must for backpackers like me. It is how we keep the memories, reminding us how far we have been, how our life changes because of the world we've seen. 

I found out about this from Farikica, thanks babe for tagging me! At least there's something to share to people out there. Hoping that it'll inspire them to travel, especially young people like me! So young people, Y U NO GO TRAVEL?

1. Takes my breath away

This was in Krabi, by the riverside. I remember before leaving Krabi to head to Bangkok, I took the opportunity to walk all over Krabi town. Most people would stay in Ao Nang, about 20 minutes away but I found serenity staying in Krabi town. Everytime I look back at all my photos while I was in Thailand, this would definitely takes my breath away...

2. Makes me laugh/smile

Well, this makes me laugh and smile simultaneously. Imagine, we met at Borobudur Temple, and just exchange a simple "Can you make it to the top?" conversation. That was the last time my sister and I saw them. Call it coincidence but I have the feeling that it was fated for us to meet again. We saw them again in Jogjakarta town, just across the road where we were standing. Walked to them, talked and later went out for lunch in Jogjakarta. 

We eventually slept over at Roki's place in Jakarta, forgoing the idea of sleeping over in airport a day before leaving Indonesia for good. Now we are family to Rokimas from Jakarta and Jah Sunny from Ann Arbor, Detroit. Tell me, what's the odd of meeting the same people again, miles away from the first place you met them? :)

3. Makes me dream

I have always wanted to visit Borobudur Temple ever since I was taught about it in history back in school. To actually be able to be there was amazing. And I got my sister to share the happiness to finally set my foot at Borobudur, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. All this while, I can only dream about it, now that I have been there, the dream still continues as a memory. 

4. Makes me think

The fare was actually only 5000IDR but we were charged 20,000IDR because it was raining. To tell you the truth it was about 1KM of walking, imaging cycling with 2 people (plus am super heavy!)

This bapak who I assume is the age of my late grandfather brought us to a bakpia store hoping that we would be buying some so that he could get some commission. I was actually tired and got angry because of the scam, but my heart was hurt when I saw his face when we said no. 

He cycled us back to our hostel and I ended up giving him 25,000IDR. I know it was not much difference but I seriously felt I should have given more. He cycled almost 2 of us with weight 200kg over 1KM in the rain! What an experience! That was the best 25,000IDR I've ever spent when I was in Jogjakarta. It keep me thinking about this old guy..

5. Makes my mouth water

I still remember, it was raining and we were hungry. Saw a commotion by the roadside, seems like the local was enjoying something, people keep coming. We decided to stop and boyyyyy... that was one of the best food my sister and I ate while we were in Indonesia.

It's call Murtabak (very different than Malaysian version), almost look like spring roll but the filling is different. It was filled with bean sprouts, silvers of carrot, chicken slices  and served with bird eyes chili, pickled cucumber and smothered with pureed garlic. What a gastronomic orgasm! Look at this picture makes me drool...

6. Tells a story

I can still remember what I was thinking when I snapped this before boarding the speed boat to island hopping around Andaman Sea. The thought of being a college dropout, not having anything to come back home to, having to start a new life all over again. This remind me that whatever happens, I still stand strong and I have a long way to go. I eventually came out with " A college dropout, a dreamer, a believer. There is more to life, believe me. Go out and see the world."

7. I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

One of the best photos I captured while Island Hopping around Andaman Sea in Thailand. I don't know why but there's something about this picture that me like it so much! Well, hope that it's National Geographic worthy. haha...

I don't know who to tag coz it seems everyone in Malaysian Travel Blogger is tagged. But I really wanna tag Fatt from backpackerbusuk and everyone who have yet to be tagged in our beloved group! :P

p/s: I have to credit my sista , as some of the photos in Indonesia were captured through her camera. Love you lot sis! 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Overland Trip Thailand: The Departure.

So, like I said previously exactly after I came back from Singapore, 24 hours after that terus cabut gi Thailand. Well, I had to comeback to KL to listen to all the bullshits that my college have to say and take my dismissal from college officially. Thus this post came into picture- My failure bought me a ticket around the world!

Went to KLSentral to lepak and figure out my next move. Boleh kan terjumpa this backpacker Anna from London, she asked whether our tap water is safe or not. We talked and I was inspired to follow her route, getting to Krabi, Phi Phi Island and all...

Well, eventually I bought 1 way ticket to Hadyai, Thailand and changed my remaining SGD to Baht. Went home, unpacked and repacked. Most importantly get my debit card authorize for international transaction. Basically just wanting to try do Overland Trip Thailand. 

Beautiful view along the 13 hours train ride to Hadyai. Aku rasa ni time kat Kedah.
Tell me not to fall in love with this view. 
Paddy Field before approaching the border of Padang Besar.
The train took about 12 hours to reach Padang Besar Border. Rasanya dah delay lama gak tu. Plus, it took sometimes at the Immigration as we collide with the people on the train that was heading for Bangkok. So, double amount of people at immigration.

Buat apa lagi, tunggu jer lah. This might sound funny but I actually started to randomly talked to people hoping that I strike a luck that they might be heading to Krabi, well I guess my luck worked.haha... Jumpa satu couple ni nak gi honeymoon at Ao Nang and diorang pon tak sure nak gi Krabi camna. 

Thank God I found out from  that there's local bus leaves every hour from Hadyai bus station to Krabi bus station. So we promised to stay on together till we get to Krabi. 

The only food shop here, hell, like paying at the airport.shucks!=.="
This cost me RM 8 bucks! My first 80 Baht burned for this meal, complain2 pon telan gak kan.. :P

It took another hour to actually sampai Hadyai Junction station. Hah, adventure begins here actually! Believe me when I say that you'll be taunted by all these touts, man it was nightmare! Diorang will actually pull you into their shop and literally forced you to buy ticket from them. 

Glad aku dah tau ticket should only cost about 216 Baht, they wanted us to pay a freaking 800 Baht! Crazy, and I had to literally helped the couple out of the shop. 

Takut gak lah, funny but adventurous running from the touts dengan menjerit2 "me dai, me dai" (in which I assume means NO at that time.) haha... what a drama queen start! 

Welcome to Thailand Rayyan! :')
We hailed a tuk tuk and agreed on 20 Baht each to get to the bus station. With no map, no idea of the location, berserah je kat driver tuk tuk tu. Well, guess the atok and opah driver sincerely sent us the bus station where we got out tickets to Krabi. Fuhhh....

In case you need to know, harga ticket KTM from Kuala Lumpur to Hadyai was RM 60 for lower berth.   

p/s: Shall continue the journey from Hadyai-Krabi by local bus later..till then keep traveling! ;)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Genting Theme Park - (Sky Venture)

Kabare? Waras? Haha...hari ni kita sambung post Genting Theme Park, Kota Keriangan! Lepas lunch, kitaorang take a lil break sebab the next activity ni bakal mengeluarkan segala isi perut. We all did THE SKY VENTURE! woot2! 

Muka yang kekenyangan teramat. Sorry mejah, I photobomb you.haha
Pengalaman seolah2 anda sedang terjun dari kapal terbang dari ketinggian 29,000Ft! Tanpa parachute lah kan? Haha...yang sedihnya they only accept people with a max weight of 114Kg. I miss out for a few kgs..sobs..sobs... what to do. Jadi official photographer lah! haha...

Korang mesti tak perasan that benda ni ada kat Genting Theme Park kan? It's a bit secluded, so kena tengok map sikit lah. Actually the entrance ni dekat ngan Pizza Hut jer.

Hah, takpa model saya hari ni kak ruby akan tunjukkan, sila tengok belakang yer adik2..hehe
So, what the heck is Sky Venture kan? 
Genting Sky Venture is a state of the art skydiving wind tunnel that gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. 
You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in winds up to 193 km/hr in the one and only wind tunnel in Asia!
So, before we want to play this amazing sky-diving simulator, kena lah pakai attire yang proper. Bukak segala jam, rantai, bangles , basically everything hanging on you, silalah bukak. Kang tak pasal2 choking dalam air tunnel tu..ish2..

Sian budak comel ni, berat terlebih setong, ni lah yang dapat dia terbang pon..haha
Ni baru complete, dengan ear plugs and helmet. We are all set to jump! wuhuuuu
Before you enter the wind tunnel, there will be briefing conducted by the expert/trainer. Yang bestnya is that ours is so much fun and funny! Siap buat lawak lagi...salute2! :D

The 1st group, photographer pon kena pakai proper attire tau! haha.. 
Instructions are easy, benda macam hand gestures, body position, flying positions and etc. So korang takyah takut lah, it's practically safe and they will adjust the wind speed with your weight. 
Ni cara terbang yang betul2 ye adik2, jangan salah terbang, kang melayang merata2..hehe
Now you are ready to fly and experience flying off gravity! 

Don't worry, dalam tu ada instructor so korang tak lah fly sorang2. Btw, this is John Ho! :D
Ni hah lah kakak kesayangan saya, , ni time nak fly ala2 helicopter ngan instructor!
You'll get 2 minutes each to fly. Sounds short kan? But when you are in the tunnel, 2 minutes lama tau. They divided the time to 2, first you'll be flying solo then you'll do helicopter motions with the instructor. Ramai yang cakap part yang Heli tu terbaik, seriously terbaik! Check out video kitaorang ni:

You guys mesti ingat nak buat SKY VENTURE ni mahal kan? No lah, it's actually pretty cheap price to pay to fly like a superman! Check out the price down here:   

 Normal(per person) Wristband Holder Deal(per person)
RM50 RM38
Ride Restrictions
Minimum weight requirement:
Maximum weight requirement: 114kg

For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart, neck or back conditions are not allowed to participate in this ride.

So, tunggu apa lagi2, cepat2 book ticket gi Genting! Best giler dapat fly ala2 Superman! Terbaik!

And jangan lupa, at the end of this series, I have a Giveaway specially for all you readers out there, so, jangan terlepas baca semua series sebab hadiah dia best! Hadiah dia melibatkan korang dengan apa yang aku experience dekat Genting Theme Park!

For further information about Genting Theme Park, you can go here.

For further information about Sky Venture, you can go here.

photo credit:

Monday, 14 May 2012

Trippin South East Asia: Singapore Part 6- Bugis Street and Marina Bay Sand

Heyo2, sambung kasi habis cerita Singapore. Jom kita ke Bugis Street Singapore! Area dia macam Petaling Street kita tapi bersih sikit and teratur. Buat ladies yang giler shopping, aku rasa ni tempat yang perfect untuk korang. Aku gi pon sebab curious nak tau apa ada kat sana..hehe... 

Bukan shopping pon, souvenir dah beli kat Chinatown. And here's a tip, silalah beli banyak2 souvenir kat ChinaTown sebab seriously kat sini nan hado nyer murah, rasanya 2 kali ganda mahal. So, jadilah pengguna bijak ye tak? ;)

Welcome to Bugis Street, you shopping event. My "stalk" place..haha
Aku tak buat apa2 sangat pon kat sini. Nak kata makan, perasaan was2 tu still ada walaupun pakcik tu jual karipap. Hadoiii... last2 aku bantai juices and ice-cream potong. Ni benda wajib korang kena cuba dekat Bugis Street ni!

Dah lah murah, well S$1 jer kot fresh juice and ice-cream tu. Yang juice ni korang nak masuk jer entrance Bugis Street ni mesti nampak apek ngan amoi tu jual. Yang penting FRESH, PULPY and REAL FRUIT! Giler shiok!Kalau kat KL, mau dekat 10 hinggit nak minum just macam ni.

Siap ber-mic and speaker bagai. Apek punya marketing terbaik woh! haha
Ni tak silap aku Australian cherry! Perghh...masam manis, and of coz no sugarh babeyh! 
Ni lah Ice-cream potong yang aku mentioned tu. Btw, maapler kuku panjang tu..haha
Actually hari ni dah last day dah kat Singapore. Alkisahnya bila balik hostel petang tu, Natalie and Camille ada kat common hall. Sembang2, ingat kan nak rehat2 sekali diorang ajak naik 57th floor of Marina Bay Sand. Perghhh... ingat lagi time kat Merlion Park tu, dalam hati angan2 nak tengok atas tu. Ambik kau Tuhan makbul tang2 tu jugak! :') 

Kitaorang naik cab dari Little India direct ke Marina Bay Sand. Okaylah, kitaorang share the cab fare about S$6. Time ni actually besides nak naik atas tu, nak catch the water show that Esplanade theatre bawah tu. So, agak rushing but still bila sampai 57th floor tu, habis mengalir airmata.... Amazing sgt2. 

Haha...gambar ni Camillie ambik. Silalah ignore lemak2 berlebihan ini..Backpacker sungguh dak? ;)
Here's a tip, instead of paying S$20 to go up the hanging garden kat atas tu, baiklah kome simpan duit tu. It's actually easy, korang just act macam nak minum kat bar tu, takyah beli apa2 pon, and just take the opportunity to take photos and all. Diorang tak halau eh, so aku ikut je lah diorang ni. It works! So, dptlah tengok view Singapore for FREE! 

Natalie and Camille, two of the best people I have ever met while traveling! Miss you guys! :'(
The awesome view! I cried seeing this. AMAZING!
Snap away lots of photos, wonder when I would be able to come back! :')
Masa nak balik ni, actually dah kelam-kabut sikit because Woodlands tu agak jauh lah dari city centre. Time ni mati2 ingat train tu pukul 11pm, dengan salah naik train lagi, dengan cuak tak tau sempat ke tak, serious ingat dah kena tinggal. 

Duit dalam pocket tinggal $S20 jer lagi, bank card to active semua, siap mintak tolong strangers google maps semua..Kelakar giler! Time nak dekat sampai baru terpikir nak tgk balik ticket, cetttt...11.30pm kot. Buat penat jer gelabah, sampai orang immigration gelak2 tengok aku lari2 antara dua borders ni..hahaha..hilang comel! =.="

Bye2 Singapore, thank you for being the place for me to start my journey! 
Singapore has a special place in my heart, my 1st leg of my 1 month of amazing traveling. This is where I learned how to maneuver around and really trust my instinct. In fact, after I reached Kuala Lumpur,I only went home for 24 hours to repack my back and leave again. This time I left for "Overland Thailand".  

Keep your eyes on my next leg of backpacking journey, more to come. InshaAllah....

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dutch Lady.

Well, did stay long enough to know what happened but yeah some awesome event. LOL... had to go off early as something came about.

Eventually it is a kid,parenting event which am not really into. Well, till I have my own kid that that is.haha.. 

Congrats tho to all winners of Get Smart Get Famous. Am sure you are now somehow richer with money, scholarship and cars! Woot2! :D

Well, eventually I walked home with a brain in mind. A definitely rainbow gay-ish brain. haha. 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Thank you!

Hello2, takda cerita travel harini but nak share apa jadi on the day of my Pitching at MyEG Make The Pitch Season 2!  It was long day, traveling via public transport from shah alam and all. Sampai2 jer, I was told that my wardrobe can't be used (wardrobe malfunction sebab checkered design). I was told to find a plain shirt so that they could proceed with the shooting.

Dah gelabah giler dah but someone came to the rescue! Kebetulan,'s founders Vivy and Fadza( yes, got his name right! ) were there because their pitching was the morning session. Vivy actually called her team, asking them to find shirt for me (with my size!) so that I can shoot! 

It was then delivered to the studio! How awesome is that? Seriously, aku thankful giler time tu. Without them I would probably be at a dead end. 

This the awesome dude & the duchess shirt that I wore specially sponsored by!
What more awesome is that, they give it to me, for FREE! And it's not just a shirt, it is the shirt from dude & the duchess collection. It is available on the website, . Do check it out! 

Lemme tell you, they have a great collections of Man's attire on their website. The prices range from middle to high end. But if you can afford Iphone and whatnot, am sure you'll able to own shirts from the collection! Support Malaysian entrepreneurs! 

Can't believe it that am actually wearing a piece from dude & the duchess' collection!

Where the rough meets the refined in dresses, shirts and tops for men and women. Forget dress codes, conformity and imposed styles; as shirt specialists, Dude & The Duchess believes that the character behind their shirts, tops and dresses lie in details. 

Long sleeved slimfit mens shirt with classic shirt collar, centralised button placket and sleeve cuffs. The front has a one-side pintuck pleated detail.

Rayyan Haries is wearing XXL and 157cm tall. 

Fabric: Mixed Cotton

Price: RM 189.00

Product Measurements:

S (Men) M (Men) L (Men) XL (Men) XXL (Men)
Shoulder 45.5 cm 47 cm 48.5 cm 51 cm 53.5 cm
Chest 50 cm 52 cm 54 cm 59 cm 68 cm
Waist 46 cm 48 cm 50 cm 56 cm 62 cm
Length of Sleeves 66 cm 67 cm 68 cm 69 cm 70 cm
Length of Shirt 79 cm 80 cm 80.5 cm 85 cm 87 cm

Am not a model, noooo...not..hahaha
I would like to personally thank Vivy and Fadza from for helping me as well as becoming my personal stylist! haha... I like the shirt, it looks good on me as well as for the show. Good luck guys, hope to see you guys in finale! 

Anyhow, just found about this. To all fans of Vivy as well as fashion, they are having  something special this Sunday, so check it out! 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Genting Theme Park - (What and where to EAT)

Hello2, kita sambung cerita Genting yeah! Aritu aku ada cakap yang untuk lunch kitaorang dibawak gi makan kat this really good restaurant kan? Genting was so generous that we had Chinese Seafood at Happy Valley Seafood! Hambek ko, atas2 bukit pon ada seafood okay! Yang pasti HALAL! 

Duk diam2, gue nak ambik gambar. Hai abang polis belakang tu, saya tak "bersih" eh. :P
Restaurant Happy Valley Seafood ni terletak bersebelahan pintu masuk utama Genting Theme Park. In fact, from The Spinner korang dah boleh nampak restaurant ni. Selain they serve awesome and scrumptious seafood, the view dari restaurant ni buat gue sebak. Cantik ciptaan ilahi. insaf!

Semua muka2 lapar, kak lily senyum tak hinggat! ;)

Ni gambar yang aku ambik, subhanallah, cantik kan. :') 
Walaupun penantian for the food to be out to sangat mencabar iman, sebab kitaorang ramai kan? Plus with the customers in the restaurant, but the waiting was worth it giler! Makanan from chili prawns, seafood soup, mixed vegetables, steamed catfish, thai tofu as well dessert! Yummieh! 

Chinese tea, typical drink to enhance your digestion of extra lemak!
bendi, terung, kacang panjang and petai goreng belacan! Ni sampai dulu, healthy sgt!
ni nampak je macam bland tapi filled with isi ikan, prawns, squids! 
Ni jadi rebutan kat meja kitaorang, udang garing and chili dia mantap! 
1st time makan ikan patin masak steam macam ni, tak rasa sungai pon! 
Aku peminat tofu tegar, benda ni aku lah yang lahap! haha..
Time dessert ni aku ambik seketoi jer, bukan tak sedap, tak mampu makan dah! T_T 
Time ni dah senak perut, seriously diorang jamu kitaorang kaw2. Siap tanya nak tambah apa2 lagi tak, semua geleng kepala.haha.. dah lah lepas lunch ni kitorang bakal terjun dari langit! Hah! Tu aku cover dalam post seterusnya, siap kena tulis wasiat semua weh! 

And jangan lupa, at the end of this series, I have a Giveaway specially for all you readers out there, so, jangan terlepas baca semua series sebab hadiah dia best! Hadiah dia melibatkan korang dengan apa yang aku experience dekat Genting Theme Park! 

For further information about Genting Theme Park, you can go here.
For further information about Happy Valley Seafood, you can go here.

photo credit: rabiatul adawiyah

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Trippin South East Asia: Singapore Part 5.

Jom sambung kasi habis cerita kat Singapore! :D For those who missed previous post, kat sidebar ada Trippin Singapore, check it out!
Since Fatt dah buat aku hooked up to the idea of sending postcard, aku pon ke Chinatown. Sebabnya most of postcards aku jumpa kat tempat lain semuanya S$1 sekeping, matiler nak hantar banyak2 kan. 

Buat mereka2 yang tersayang- termasuklah diri sendiri...
Idea nak ke Chinatown ni pon lepas minah kat reception bagi idea why don't I go there since mostly souvenirs murah2. Alkisahnyer aku complaint cakap tak jumpa2 postcard murah..hihi

Aku gerak dari Singapore Science Centre terus ke Chinatown. Kiranya dari Jurong East take MRT to ChinaTown. Since they are both from different lane, you have to go to any nearby interchange. 

This is the real exit, aku keluar jalan jauh pastu ala2 sesat..cettt...
Macam2 ada kat sini, dari souvenir, household, baju, even perfume! Aku masuk lah kedai perfume tu, walaupun teramat murah tapi aku memang takda budget nak spent dah..haha..  Duit tinggal berapa kerat jer, kang jadi perlarian kat temasik! sadis!  

Lepas pusing2 semua kedai, mostly jual sekeping postcard S$0.50. Last2 aku gi satu kedai uncle ni, muka dia cam friendly, aku pon mengayat sedap lah..hahaha.. last2 dia bagi 5 keping untuk S$2, bargain! 

Selain tu, aku ambik lah satu fridge magnet sebab dulu aku tgk cousin2 aku ada benda tu, aku nak jugak! Harga fridge magnet okaylah, mostly between 5-6 pieces for S$10 and ada yang lagi murah, depends lah.

Manusia kat sini ramai giler, even local pon shopping sini. Korang nampak kan prices dia? Murah beb!
Besar gak tempat dia,aku pusing habis-habisan lah. Bila lah lagi nak datang kan? Satu jer tak best, tak jumpa tempat makan halal. T_T 

But aku memang kaki vegan gak lah, so bantai makan vegetarian food pon tarak hal. Tanya2, tengok2 kedai, bila rasa was2 takda, aku pon Bismillahirohmanirahimmmmmm... ngap! Makan vegetarian ni murah gak lah, S$3 for 3 meals/lauk. 
Percaya tak semua ni vegan? Serious rindu nak makan ni!
Besides that, banyak jugak gerai2 tepi-tepi jalan tu yang jual desserts, mainly chinese desserts.  Yang aku makan ni baru S$2 jer, boleh pilih soup nak peanut atau ginger. The sweet balls ni ada filing2 tau, dari matcha to kacang merah! terliur beb!

Ginger soup with variety of sweet balls!Must try!
Chinatown ni memang aku recommend untuk cari souvenirs sebab time aku kat Bugis Street harga dia lipat ganda kot! Perghhh...nasib baik dah beli kat Chinatown. Tempat ni macam Petaling Street tapi cleaner and safer lah. So, mesti gi bila kat Singapore!

p/s: Thank you sebab bersabar baca, InshaAllah, takda aral melintang, soon Overland Trip Thailand will come in! :D
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