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Friday, 18 May 2012

Overland Trip Thailand: The Departure.

So, like I said previously exactly after I came back from Singapore, 24 hours after that terus cabut gi Thailand. Well, I had to comeback to KL to listen to all the bullshits that my college have to say and take my dismissal from college officially. Thus this post came into picture- My failure bought me a ticket around the world!

Went to KLSentral to lepak and figure out my next move. Boleh kan terjumpa this backpacker Anna from London, she asked whether our tap water is safe or not. We talked and I was inspired to follow her route, getting to Krabi, Phi Phi Island and all...

Well, eventually I bought 1 way ticket to Hadyai, Thailand and changed my remaining SGD to Baht. Went home, unpacked and repacked. Most importantly get my debit card authorize for international transaction. Basically just wanting to try do Overland Trip Thailand. 

Beautiful view along the 13 hours train ride to Hadyai. Aku rasa ni time kat Kedah.
Tell me not to fall in love with this view. 
Paddy Field before approaching the border of Padang Besar.
The train took about 12 hours to reach Padang Besar Border. Rasanya dah delay lama gak tu. Plus, it took sometimes at the Immigration as we collide with the people on the train that was heading for Bangkok. So, double amount of people at immigration.

Buat apa lagi, tunggu jer lah. This might sound funny but I actually started to randomly talked to people hoping that I strike a luck that they might be heading to Krabi, well I guess my luck worked.haha... Jumpa satu couple ni nak gi honeymoon at Ao Nang and diorang pon tak sure nak gi Krabi camna. 

Thank God I found out from  that there's local bus leaves every hour from Hadyai bus station to Krabi bus station. So we promised to stay on together till we get to Krabi. 

The only food shop here, hell, like paying at the airport.shucks!=.="
This cost me RM 8 bucks! My first 80 Baht burned for this meal, complain2 pon telan gak kan.. :P

It took another hour to actually sampai Hadyai Junction station. Hah, adventure begins here actually! Believe me when I say that you'll be taunted by all these touts, man it was nightmare! Diorang will actually pull you into their shop and literally forced you to buy ticket from them. 

Glad aku dah tau ticket should only cost about 216 Baht, they wanted us to pay a freaking 800 Baht! Crazy, and I had to literally helped the couple out of the shop. 

Takut gak lah, funny but adventurous running from the touts dengan menjerit2 "me dai, me dai" (in which I assume means NO at that time.) haha... what a drama queen start! 

Welcome to Thailand Rayyan! :')
We hailed a tuk tuk and agreed on 20 Baht each to get to the bus station. With no map, no idea of the location, berserah je kat driver tuk tuk tu. Well, guess the atok and opah driver sincerely sent us the bus station where we got out tickets to Krabi. Fuhhh....

In case you need to know, harga ticket KTM from Kuala Lumpur to Hadyai was RM 60 for lower berth.   

p/s: Shall continue the journey from Hadyai-Krabi by local bus later..till then keep traveling! ;)

10 rambles:

  1. 18 May 2012 08:37

    this is soooo exciting ryan !! cant wait for ur next post ehheeh

    1. 18 May 2012 09:03

      hey aimi...

      hahaha....I can't wait too! :D

  • 18 May 2012 18:54

    Suka berjalan, sebab dapat makan benda baru,.. yeaaah iloikeee

    1. 18 May 2012 19:03 blom update lagi food in Thailand! :D

  • 18 May 2012 19:43

    Waaaa I likey!! Sangat adventurous and spontaneous

    1. 18 May 2012 19:47

      Muchang! :D hehe... yup sgt2 lah spontaneous! hihi

  • Anonymous31 May 2012 15:56

    Waiting for the update.. :p
    Went to Krabi last year during CNY. Backpacking of course.
    Naik bas to penang, then took van to hadyaai, another van to krabi town. then amik taxi yg nampak macam lori sayur to Ao nang..
    Apapun backpacking memang best..
    Food awesome.. seafood..super awesome..

    Update la cepat.. :p

    1. 31 May 2012 23:20

      hey! alahai why no name? :P

      Cool!!! didnt know there's van up to krabi! must be freaking expensive! the tout almost conned me 800Baht from hatyai to krabi! crazy! hahaha... i miss krabi toooo...oh my...hahha...lori sayur! that's tuk tuk lah or the call it songhtheaw

    2. 1 June 2012 16:08

      Malas nak sign in my to google acc. :p
      if tak salah we paid B290 per person, not that expensive. All you have to do is bargain till u drop. Went there with 4 girl friends and one guy friend. Luckily we have him with us otherwise we have no idea what happen.. LoL..

      Hey, I'm still waiting for the update.

    3. 3 June 2012 23:36

      Hey ailem! Sorry internet been on the low this past few days and busy. Haha.. That is not bad! Power bargsining! Hehe.. I ambik bus about 160 baht ++... Nak merasa naik local bus..

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