Sunday, 8 May 2011

The best Ice-cream in the world.

It's never gonna be the same anymore. What a memory. 

You guys must be wondering why this Mcd's Ice-cream is the best one in the world for me. It's one random happiness. I was seating with fie at the table for 4 people and about to end our meal when I saw this family. The wife is pregnant and their children are really young, the only place available was the Mcd pub table. It was a humanity reflex actually, I told fie about it and we moved to the bar table. We gave the table to the family and continue talking and updating about life. Then, I saw the little boy ran up the staircase with 2 ice-creams on his hands, it was so cute. He said something to his mother and out of nowhere turned to us and handed the ice-creams with the jolliest face that I have ever seen in my life. I was shocked, so was Fie. We took the ice-creams and actually laughed, thinking that it was so random! The boy was still there standing with his big smile. As I took the first bite, it was the best ice-cream I have ever tasted. It tasted love, humanity, and care. I never expected to have anything in return for giving up the table. Like I said, it was a humanity reflex. And it turned out that the father bought us the ice-creams and asked the son to give it to us. It was the most random happiness that I have ever tasted in my life. It almost got me into tears. 

the family. The children smiled to me throughout the sittings. It was magnificent. 

p/s: Actually, last night while reading a food blog, I asked God to give me ice-cream. Yes, He granted it, in the most beautiful way. Just plain amazing. 

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that is damn beautiful rayyan!!!
moved me to tears too!
I can't believe there are still things like kindness and humility amongst these corrupted people nowadays!


this post touched my heart :) bless you.

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