Sunday, 8 May 2011

I need to get away now.

Dear God,

I hate to brake this but God I need to get away from my life.
Can you grant me one escapism before my exam and bless the one in June later.
Thank you in advance.
Btw, here are some photos as reference on how badly I wanna get away.

I miss the late evening while eating my dinner.

I miss taking photos from the moving bus.

I miss doing something stupid in the museum.

I miss the top view whenever I stop and look up.

I miss sleeping in the train bunk.

I miss the smell of the wet market.

I miss the hopeful looks of the traders.

I miss the night market.

I miss taking the bus in a foreign place.

I miss the cheap good food.

I miss looking at the beautiful sky.

I miss playing with the other backpackers' children.

I miss the shopping.

I miss the messy room the night before I leave.

I miss the moment that I have to leave the room.
Yours truly,
Rayyan Haries. 

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